Security service "Argus" has a successful long-standing practical experience in the preparation, installation and implementation of complex security solutions that integrate technology and physical security; which in turn:

        Ensures a reliable professional security service,

        Creates added value for the customer by ensuring professional competence, including a flexible and efficient use of all resources required for the security performance management.


Company‘s profile

        The provision of integrated security services, integrating technology and physical security,

        We consult, audit, evaluate the risk and recommend the provision of security solutions,

        We provide other services based on individual customer needs that add value to the company and clients .



        Physical protection of objects,

        Electronical protection of objects and operative response,

        Design, installation and maintenance of security and control systems,

        Protection of mass events,

        Cargo escort and cash collectors.


Company's operating policies and principles


        We seek our company be the best choice for current and prospective customers.


        Continuously provide service and product quality stability and efficiency levels that meet international standards,

        To achieve maximum financial value and profit and to obtain and maintain a leading position in in the market of security service.


        We are responsible for what we do and how to do it:

By undertaking customer commitments, we are responsible for:

        our actions,

        our and our client‘s potential risk.


        All of our actions,  assuming the commitments to clients and business partners are based on our values: seeking results, reliability, constant development, cooperation, honesty. Reliability means that we are responsible for our words, actions, and their outcome.

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